Love compatibility horoscopes

With the knowledge of the meaning of each of the 360ยบ of the Zodiac Astrologer Rudolf Megert can indeed offer you 100% accurate astrological advice based on scientific research!

Love and public relations, partnerships, who you are or where you live are a matter of chemistry and are direct influences on your well being and success in life. Positive, uplifting, enhancing, accelerating in short mainly harmonious it should be.
  • Is it in you?
  • Does the person of your interest have it?
  • Are the two of you a positive match?
  • Is the time or place right?
All these questions of finding or keeping the right love match, partnership or place of living and working can be answered by this well researched and respected SCIENTIFIC Astrologer with over 25 years of experience!
The horoscopes for love, partnership, your own personality or best place to live at by Rudolf Megert are absolutely non superstitious and go into the important details that most other "Astrologers" don't even know of.
If ever you wanted to find out anything about yourself or whomever your love interest focuses on or whom you should look for or where to go to, this Astrology advice is your perfect start!
Please do not expect any "El Cheapo" results or services from Rudolf Megert, this is a genuine astrological research work that results inaccurate chart interpretations!

Understanding Astrology on a 100% scientific accurate level

as only Astrologer Rudolf Megert can offer it:

100% scientific accurate horoscopes are no impossibility anymore since Astrologer Rudolf Megert took on the subject of error free predictions and character insights.
Also when it comes to love compatibility and love horoscope comparisons there is nothing as accurate as a love compatibility horoscope by Rudolf Megert. 100% accurate astrology is not a field of psychic mind reading nor tarot cards or any other form of subconscious reading nor a karma service nor a free horoscope! Scientific astrologer Rudolf Megert combines the knowledge, the COMPLETE knowledge of all 5 paths of the Chinese astrology with the western style horoscoping that loves to go into the last detail of every degree and minute in precision.
No matter if you have a question about love, work, relations, friends, achieving your goals, your sex life, intimate relations, children, business, financial investments or simply your very own personality, Rudolf Megert's scientific astrological research will deliver you the facts and nothing but the proven facts.
Are you cancer, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces, arias, taurus, gemini, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio? Astrologer Rudolf Megert has accurate, absolutely individual charts for you that have no metaphysical or psychological nonsense in them but your factual personality in time and place!
Star sign compatibility astrology by Rudolf Megert not only compares the superficial level of your star signs or zodiac, Astrologer Rudolf Megert compares your birth constellation planets with the birth constellation planets of your possible love partner ...... which will highlight all aspects of a relation, the positive aspects as well as the difficult aspects!
Rudolf Megert also compares the Chinese elements of you and your possible love interest to ensure love compatibility also in this important sector of the Chinese astrology.
Your chances in life already show up in your birth chart.
Western Horoscopes, planet constellations, Radix horoscopes, Transit Horoscopes, Ascendant, MC, aspects amongst planets, the House-System, this all may sound a bit complicated for some.
Why not look at the Chinese astrology for easier to understand answers?
  • Are you a rat, bull, tiger, rabbit, cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, sheep, ape, monkey, rooster, dog or boar, pig?
  • Is your element metal, wood, fire, earth or water?
  • What effect has the combination of element and your chinese or western star sign or ascendant on you and how could you choose a partner or place of living that compliments you well?
All answers, for any questions about any TIME, PLACE or PERSONALITY, i repeat, all these questions can be answered by the one and only scientific astrologer Rudolf Megert, who understands astrology as a science that requires research and knowledge, not psychic mind reading or subconscious intuition or charlatanry, no tarot card reading but the knowledge of the stars movement within our solar system and the energies and influence on all living beings the planets has.
The zodiac is only the measuring circle to determine any quality of time we will go through in the past, present or future. Horoscope interpretation is the art of intuitively understanding the essence of a planet / house system constellation and is best achieved in a personal consultation with Rudolf Megert as often aspects and planet positions are so interlinked that a straight interpretation of such a chart needs the feedback of the person it is done for.
Online interpretation of either love compatibility charts, an individual birth place horoscope, transit progress studies or the adjustment of a difficult house system (that includes the position of the ascendant, the descendant, the medium coely, the immum coely and all other axis of the house system) by changing the place of living in a pre-calculated style are, however, also all done by Rudolf Megert, all you need to do is ask!

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Information on how you can have any astrological research done for yourself or a loved one is FREE, for the prizes on my excellent and time consuming scientific work please see the links on this and the following pages. Click yourself into astrology without any guess work, 100% accuracy leaves no questions open unless they simply do not appear in your chart.
There are many astrologers out there, but none has the knowledge base of Rudolf Megert with his more then 25 years of relentless research into what is fact and what pure fiction in the field of astrological prognosis, future predictions, love comparisons and better places to life a life as happy and successful as possible with your given planet constellation and any locally adjusted house system.